Call us crazy, but we love Halloween.  That's why we are celebrating the 2016 season with a marathon of 31 films, one for each day of the month.  You heard me right. Thirty-one films.  One for each day of October.  

So celebrate with us, and watch some of these and/or share your thoughts in the comments. As the movies are reviewed, the posters will be in COLOR, and you will be able to click on it to read the review.

BONUS: (You don't want to miss this!)  There will be a random movie ticket prize on one of these days, so be sure to check the reviews every day.  If you find the prize, make a comment about our review to enter that day's drawing.  Just so you know, RJ will have ANOTHER movie ticket prize on his review page, so be sure to check that out each day as well.

I'm looking forward to watching these and sharing my thoughts, and hearing from all of you!  

- alex m gibson

PS: I'm getting a head start on Friday, September 30, so there will be a BONUS (+1) film.  Keep checking from the beginning - you'll never know when the prize will be there!