Day 10 (Alex): The Evil Dead 2 - Dead By Dawn

So, I'm back. Slowly but surely, I will catch up. For those of you who have been faithfully reading these, thanks for taking that time. I hope you find these entertaining and insightful, or at the very least, worth your time.

Last time I left you with a review of the original Evil Dead movie, in which I told you the story behind why I never watched it nor any other zombie movies until way into my adulthood. A new world opened up to me as I watched The Evil Dead movies, and I can't wait to sink my teeth into Army of Darkness and the new television series, Ash vs the Evil Dead. 

If you surmised that I enjoyed Evil Dead 2, then you are correct.  WOW!  The first film was like an awkward teenager, unsure whether it wants to be a horror or a comedy.  Here, it embraces both genres much to the audience's delight. Flying eyeballs, chainsaw-wielding zombies, possessed hands, and a force of evil zipping through the woods and through the cabin are just a few of the fun moments you'll see.

The producers multiplied their budget tenfold, from 350k in the first installment to 3.5 mil for this one, and it shows. Raimi and his crew not only had a larger budget, but they grew as filmmakers, becoming much more adept behind the camera. Gone are the hordes of crew members sneaking into the frame, and guess what? If you comment below, you will be entered into a drawing for a free movie ticket. I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow night at 11 pm. You'll get two entries if you share this review on your Facebook page, doubling your chances. And, speaking of chances, you'll probably be one of a handful, so good luck!  

A few fun trivia.  Sam Raimi's brother, Ted played a zombie woman, Henrietta, dressing up in a full-body latex costume.  In addition, he sometimes hid in a hole, acting as the "cellar".  One day, he played both.  Dressed in that latex costume hiding in the hole, he became severely overheated, resulting in liters of sweat. In one scene, when Henrietta spins her head, you can see the sweat come out of the ear.  Gross, huh? 

I also enjoyed the references to other films, noting right away a poster in the basement reading "The Hills Have Eyes".  That is a reference to Wes Craven's 1977 film. Craven received another shout out with Freddy Krueger's clawed glove hanging on the wall in one scene. What's classic about that is the original Nightmare on Elm Street contained a scene where a character is watching the original Evil Dead on TV.  Gotta love it!

If you've never seen either of these, I implore you, watch both of them! I just found out you can watch the original Evil Dead on YouTube, as well as Evil Dead 2. I'll list both links at the bottom.

My overall score?  7 bits out of 8.

Here are the links. Let me know what you think of these!

Evil Dead on YouTube

Evil Dead 2 on YouTube