Day 13 (Alex): Phantasm IV: Oblivion

Booooooooy!  I'm back with another Phantasm review, this time with part four, Oblivion.  

Okay, here's the deal. The Phantasm series sets itself apart from most any other horror franchise I can think of.  Don Coscarelli created a unique mythology, complete with the trio of the Tall Man, his minions, and the chrome Swiss army balls.  This is a rather weak chapter of the series, but if you are a "Phan", you must see this.  Is it great? No, not quite.  But it has its fun moments.

I really enjoyed the trip back to the 1800s where we see the Tall Man as the mortician, Jebediah Morningside.  There is much to be desired, but we do see some very interesting moments, including a flashback to the young Mike in a field with the Tall Man hanging in a tree. This turns out to be an alternate ending from the original film, re-purposed for use here.

I'll present my review on the fifth and final chapter of the Phantasm series soon.  If you haven't watched any of these, you should plan a party with some friends and start with the first one. Be sure to keep them all in order, or you will face some serious confusion. Heck, it's confusing enough watching them in order. 

My overall score? 4 bits out of 8.  As I said, it's weak, and it left me with more questions than answers.