Day 14 (Alex): The VVitch

Wow, this is one remarkable and beautiful horror film. Set in the 1600s in New England, The Witch (or VVitch) covers the familiar tale of witchcraft against the religious backdrop of the Puritan ideals.  Yet it is so much more, with a story so complex yet so simple, this film is destined to be a classic.

Written and directed by newcomer Robert Eggers, The Witch is going to be so difficult to top. Combined with the cinematography of Jarin Blaschke, Eggers paints a beautiful, yet eerie landscape as we watch this family struggle to survive on their own. He weaves an intricate tale drawing from sources such as Arthur Miller's The Crucible, Stephen King's The Shining, and The Brothers Grimm. 

I'd love to dissect this story for you, and to discuss the layered themes in detail. Instead, I'm going to avoid doing that here and just say that this is one film you do not want to miss. I just recommend not watching it alone. 

If anyone wants to engage in a discussion with me on The Witch, hit me up. I'd love to tell you my thoughts and theories on how it parallels with other films, religious themes, and debate on who the main protagonist really is.  To do so here would only serve to spoil the story for those yet to see it.

My overall score? 7 bits out of 8.  Another must-see from this year's marathon.

Right now The VVitch is streaming on Amazon Prime for those lucky enough to have an account:

The Witch on Amazon Prime