Day 19 (Alex): The Invitation

The Invitation is yet another film best watched without knowing too much about it. For that reason, I'm going to keep this review short and to the point, without much information on the plot points.

Director Karyn Kusama really packed a punch with this film, and proves she can create suspense from a nice, slow burn. I will say this much about the plot. The film opens with a couple, Will and Kira, driving along a winding road, and we soon learn they have been invited to attend a dinner party. I will even refrain from telling you who invited them. 

I will say this much: The Invitation is an inverse of Hush, the thriller I just reviewed about a home invasion. Instead of danger lurking outside the walls of the home, in The Invitation, it's what lies inside the walls that should bring you fear. As a matter of fact, I'd highly recommend pairing these two films together in one night or weekend.

I tell you one element I liked about this film, and that's the age of the characters are all in their 30s or older. Maybe it's because I'm older myself, but there's something that speaks to me more about this film and its characters than many other horror films that play off youthfulness. These characters are more aware and in tune with what seems okay and what's a little off. As a result, their actions become much more believable, and while you may still find yourself screaming at them in your living room, it will be to try to encourage them to follow through rather than telling them they are stupid. 

The only weakness I can think of at the moment is the director may try dragging the audience along just a bit long. But not for too long, and the ending alone is well worth it. I'd love to talk about this with any of you at length, if you'd like. 

Don't forget to chime in on the comments below. Some of you are finally catching on to the contest. Each page you comment on gives you one entry in a drawing for a free movie ticket at your choice of theater.  

So, do yourself a favor, and consider this review a personal invitation to see this film, now.  

My overall score? 6 bits out of 8.

Check it out now on Netflix, right here:  The Invitation