Day 20 (Alex): Housebound

Housebound is a horror comedy directed by newcomer Gerard Johnstone. If you are in the mood for a fun movie, this may be the one for you. It contains all the familiar horror tropes you expect to see, but juxtapositions these with a great satirical comedy spin. I found myself jumping at one moment, and chuckling the next. 

The premise is great. The protagonist of the film is Kylie, who we see involved in a crime breaking into an ATM in the film's opening scene. Soon we learn she's a repeat offender, and despite her lawyer's best efforts to get her off the hook, the judge sentences her to a house arrest with her family. Little does the judge know that her family is a very quirky one, and to be under house arrest with them is the last thing Kylie wants to do.

The film's charm lies in the mother-daughter relationship and the actions that result from these two living under the same roof. Her mother, convinced a ghost haunts the house, calls in paranormal investigators. Kylie initially balks at her, even poking fun at her, but soon finds herself wondering just what is going on when things go bump in the night. The horrors come into focus when Kylie begins exploring the nooks and crannies of the home, putting to use her stealthy ways that caused her trouble with the judge to begin with.

I really enjoyed this film's quirkiness, and yes, it gets very quirky indeed. But like I said, it works, and with the right mindset, I think you will agree. Housebound gets a solid thumbs up from me.

My overall score? 6 bits out of 8.

Check it out on Netflix right here:  Housebound on Netflix