Day 22 (Alex): The Babadook

"It wasn't me, Mum! The Babadook did it!" - Sam

Wow, doing these reviews made me realize how many great features are actually directorial debuts. The Babadook is just such one, from director Jennifer Kent. Add to that two outstanding performances by Essie Davis (Amelia) and Noah Wiseman (Samuel). Noah is simply amazing with a capital A, and delivers a terrifying achievement in the portrayal of a disturbed child. 

The Babadook comes quite close to reaching the heights of terror seen in Kubrick's The Shining. It doesn't though, as few films, if any, ever do. But man, this is one hell of a spooky film, and you need to be prepared if you decide to sit back and watch it. For those of you who are single parents, and I'm taking a deep breath as I say this, really consider before you hit play. Invite a few friends to watch it with you, and if they are also single parents, that's even better. 

As if you didn't get the clue, Amelia is a single parent faced with a troubled child, and getting reprimands from school about his behavior. The "Babadook" is a creature rooted in a book Amelia finds one day, and upon reading it aloud the horrors of the book's creature become a bit too real.

So, if you are in the mood for a real scare, this may just be the one you're looking for. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

My overall score? 6 bits out of 8.

And, yes, this one is also on Netlflix:  The Babadook