Day 2 (RJ): Bone Tomahawk

This movie has been popping up on my radar for a while now. I've seen a lot of people on Reddit go on about it. I had to see for myself.

The Good:
There is a lot of good to be said about this film. The characters were fantastic. The cinematography was fantastic. The set design was fantastic. The makeup was fantastic. I'm not the biggest fan of western style movies, but this was an exception. The frontier setting actually helped create an atmosphere of untrustworthiness and dread. Not only did they have a tribe of monsters to deal with, they had a broken leg, a trigger happy gentleman, an aging deputy, thieves, and the sun. All of these elements hit the characters at the perfect times. I could not trust anyone. This actually reminded me of how I felt when I watched The Hateful Eight, which Kurt Russell also worked on around the same time. He really nailed those roles.

The tribe was intense. The scenes where they showed up had me on edge. Hearing them scream was one of the worst sounds in the world. Definitely unique. This led me to do something I don't usually do during movies; Worry. I found myself telling characters to shut up and move when they could. This is all due to seeing what the tribe does to its victims. Believe me. You can't unsee that.

The Bad:
I wish there was more. If i really had to point out something bad, I do think there could have been a little more revealed about the resolution. I needed that. Maybe they intended the audience to continue worrying. 

Overall, I simply loved this film. I only give perfect ratings to a handful of movies I've ever seen and this movie was close. 7/8 bits. Well worth the watch.

TL;DR A man sets out on a journey with 3 other men to find his wife. Instead he finds himself...surrounded by cannibals.