Day 3 (RJ): We Are Still Here

Not gonna lie. I actually chose this one based on the awesome poster. It didn't hurt that I've seen other people put it in a positive light. Let's get down to it.

The Good:
The cinematography was pretty good. It had a visual appeal that lent itself to the atmosphere of the small town. The scenes with the possession were fantastic. When the movie really started picking up, it actually got interesting. The "Dagmars" were terrifying. The way they killed off their victims by burning and scraping away at them was brutal. The practical fx were by and far my favorite part of this film. It somewhat made up for the bad acting. Which leads me to...

The Bad:
The characters were not 100% believable. I didn't get pulled into caring about the characters. I had little emotional investment in them. I specifically disliked the living antagonist. He seemed like too much of a forced horror archetype. The husband (Paul) also looked like he borrowed a skin suit and didn't fit it properly. I can't explain it. He just didn't look right for the part. The wife (Ann) was emotionally boring. The hippies were way more interesting overall.

The pacing was too slow. I'm a slow-burn fan, but you have to build suspense into that. This just felt like watching paint dry until about 3/4 of the way through the movie.

Overall, I didn't dislike the film but the only parts I would revisit happen at the end. I love the practical effects. I'll give it a 5/8 bits.

TL;DR A family buys a timeshare and another family shows up at the same time. Things "heat" up.