Day 24 (Alex): It Follows

"It could look like someone you know or it could be a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get close to you." - Hugh

Wow, this was quite a film. Playing off the themes of adolescence and sex/lost of virginity, director David Robert Mitchell creates a new urban legend that is very haunting. In a terrifying game of tag, an evil spirit follows its current victim, presenting itself as another person. If the victim allows the spirit to reach him/her, game over. BUT, by the simple act of having sex with someone else, one can pass the host to that person. So, this is basically a film about STD, a Sexually Transmitted Demon, more or less.

The soundtrack is one of my favorite horror soundtracks since the turn of the century. I actually listened to the soundtrack several times prior to watching the film, and I loved how it fit the story well. 

With excellent cinematography and seamless editing, this film delivers one of the best in modern horror. While it focuses on the coming of age ideals, the characters aren't overly obsessed with sex and adolescence, but rather than survival and sacrifice. There are weird moments which transcend any time and space, with some of the characters sporting modern-like devices, like a smartphone compact, while the rest of the film's environment seems to allude to the seventies or eighties. This serves to disorient the audience and ratchet up the horror factor. I didn't like that at first, but have come to accept and appreciate that quirky factor.

If you are looking for a modern style of horror, this may be just the flick for you. 

My overall score? 6 bits out of 8.