Day 30 (Alex): The Thing (1982)

I just reviewed an indie film that handled creature effects very well, The Master Cleanse. BUT, it would be unfair to even compare that one to Carpenter's The Thing. 

I'd love to spend a lot of time talking about this film, but for tonight, I'm keeping this one short and sweet, as part of my promise to review all of the Halloween films. We have a free movie ticket to give away, y'all, so I need to get this out and draw for the winner! 

You know, to be brutally honest with you, this is one film I did not see until earlier this year. Last year I asked everyone to share their favorite movies, and one person said they loved The Thing. I made a vow to watch it, and I'm glad I did.

Boy, this movie laid it on THICK with the practical creature effects, and did it VERY effectively. I'm not going to even get into the premise, and just urge that if you've not seen this classic, don't keep waiting. Follow my example and watch it before much longer. Just be warned, it is very graphic, even for today's standards. The Thing is an impressive feat, made much more so when considering it was filmed 40+ years ago!

My overall score? 7 bits out of 8. It's close to perfection.