Day 31 (Alex): Pontypool

Ah, here we are. The final review of my 31 Days of Halloween. I knew I set myself up for a challenge, and I hope that some of you enjoyed the reviews. I will continue to share reviews throughout the year on different genres of film, but of course, always looking back often at horror/thriller. Thanks for your time reading these, and please let me know what you like and don't like about these, and if there are any movies you'd like to hear my thoughts on.

Often as a writer I will employ a trick with some of my scripts and stories, and that is to switch from my current POV character and choose a different side character. I then will put myself in that person's shoes and look backward or forward to a different perspective. Sometimes this doesn't work out very well, but when it does, it usually works out brilliantly.

That's what Pontypool does. It takes the standard zombie outbreak film and tells it from the perspective of a radio deejay.  One day, while reporting for work, he starts his live radio show. Soon callers to the show report strange happenings outside, and soon, he realizes that there is total chaos developing out there.. In an effort to both protect himself and to disseminate help to those in the outside world, he and those trapped with him, try to brace all the doors from oncoming danger.

This film ratchets up the suspense with timely scares. I rather enjoyed Pontypool, and its focus, not only on the story, but on the cinematography, and even more so, on the sound editing. 

My overall score? 6 bits out of 8.

Check it out on Netflix right here:  Pontypool (Netflix)

Well, that's it folks! Thanks for humoring me with these reviews. It's been fun!