Day 8 (Alex): Phantasm III - Lord of the Dead

“Seeing is easy, understanding takes a bit more time.” - Jody

I know I'm starting with number three without giving a proper review for the first two.  At the start of my movie marathon, I hadn't seen parts 3 or 4 yet, which is why you're getting this one.  I will keep this as spoil-free as possible, but will start off saying if you've never seen any of the Phantasm movies, you.  Are.  Simply.  Missing.  Out. Booooooy!

R.I.P. to a great man, the Tall Man himself, Angus Scrimm.  I'm sorry to say that I did not become familiar with this man until earlier this year, as my iByte Films partner, RJ, introduced me to Phantasm.  Scrimm is a horror icon, and cemented himself in these obscure, fantastical horror films known as Phantasm.

The quote at the top best explains the theme of these movies.  You need to see these for sure, and I'm not going to try explaining it too much, as it does take time to understand what's going on.  

I really enjoyed number three.  The world upon which Phantasm was built expanded into new horizons.  We saw those chrome balls take on more functions than the Swiss ever considered putting into their knives.  The minions climbed new heights of terror, and the Tall Man still dominated the screen.

Reggie grew from sidekick in the first film to the main hero by the third one.  Reggie Bannister (yes he plays a character named after himself) assumed this role perfectly.  With equal parts action and comedy, Reggie faces the horrors of the Tall Man, his minions, and the flying balls with everything he has, and the actor does it well enough to make such an odd movie believable.  

I have to say I loved the addition of the new characters, Tim and Rocky.  Their inclusion fit the story well, and didn't feel very forced, although, I feel they are typecasting Reggie as a bond character.  Every film seems to be giving him a new woman.  

In summary, right now number one is my favorite, because it introduced us to this whole world, but three is a close second favorite in the franchise.  

My overall score?  5 bits out of 8.