Allow me to introduce myself.  I'm Alex M Gibson, and am the Writer/Director/Producer of iByte Films.  My partner, RJ Ortiz, is the Cinematographer/Editor/Writer.  Together we founded iByte Films in the summer of 2015.  In just over a year, we have created five short films, and are currently working with two other production companies on a feature horror film and a Civil-war era short film.  We are excited to share these projects as they happen, and are even more excited to share our upcoming films in the future!

Today is our official launch of iByteFilms.com.  We hope to make this an engaging website for indie filmmakers, both local, and worldwide, as well as for film fans.  We invite you to peruse our pages, to interact with us, and to share us your thoughts and inspirations while we tell you ours.

Bear with us as we flesh out our website, but here are a few things to check out and look for. "Movies that Inspire" will highlight an eclectic set of films and how they inspire RJ and me as we endeavor to create our own films.  As we have time, we will release our personal, unique reviews on some of these films, and occasionally we'll invite special guests to join us in those reviews.

Click on "Our Films" to watch embedded links of our short films.  Each one of these is a labor of love, and over time, we hope to share several stories behind these films. You'll find those right here in this blog, when the time comes.  

"Our Partners" page highlights other film production companies that we are working in collaboration with on other films.  We believe merging our talents with others can be great experiments resulting in some incredible stories and films.  Check this page out to learn more.

"Our Friends" page will show you some of our colleagues in the indie filmmaking world, here locally. These people have either worked with us closely on sets, supported us, or have just been a great community resource, helping us meet more wonderful people who have similar interests. I'm immensely grateful to all their support.  This page is currently in progress, so check back later.

We will likely add more pages, and maybe delete some pages, as we figure out what works best.  We will certainly experiment with a few topics - film study, equipment review, technical talks, whatever.  So, if there is something you really like, and you want to see more, let us know. Leave us a comment. Email us. Message us on Facebook.

So, that's all for now.  Just kick back and relax, and enjoy your visit.

Until next time, signing off.