Day 7 (Alex): Triangle

Okay, guys, I'm trying. I really am. It's been several days since I posted a review, but hang tight. I am going to sit at this keyboard and try hashing out a few reviews. I've been watching the movies you picked out for me, but just hadn't taken the time to write the reviews they deserve. 

Day 7 brings us to a film chosen by Lauren LeFevers. Lauren, I've been wanting to see this one for a while, so thanks for mentioning it. 

Wow. Okay, can we call this review done? A one-word review that sums up my feelings? 

Ha, seriously, though, I really dig movies like Triangle. And I can't really tell you why, or what it is specifically that I like about it, as this is part of the fun. Watching it and learning what happens. I will set you up on the basic premise, though. A group of friends and acquaintances gather together for a sailing trip. While out at sea, a freak storm appears and puts them in serious peril. Stranded on a capsized boat, they are saved by large cruiser, only to find it's abandoned. Or is it? And why does it look so familiar to one person in particular? 

The pacing of the story really pulled me into its world, and the acting suspended my belief. Coupled with the gripping mystery and the suspense, I found myself creeping to the edge of my couch, waiting, watching every frame. And the best part? The reward for my patience as the credits began to roll. What a great ending! 

So, yes, this is a horror film, but it's also mystery, suspense, and thriller rolled in one. Lauren, this is a gem of a film. 7 bits out of 8 for me! Add it to your watch list, as this is one UNDERRATED film.