Day 8 (Alex): Ghost Ship

Since I've enjoyed one great lost-at-sea horror film (Triangle), why not continue on with this recommendation from Kristen Whited, Ghost Ship? 

This movie opens with one of the most unique scenes I've seen. I won't tell you what happens exactly, but it sets up the premise of a haunted ship at sea by showing you how everyone died on the ship decades before our story begins. Do yourself a favor and check it out just for that opening scene.

After this setup, we are taken to the present day where treasure hunters discover this ship, and prepared to scavenge it for valuables, they discover something sinister. Julianna Margullies and the rest of the cast did as well as they could have with the script in hand. I wanted to love it more. I really did. But for me, the story faltered into a loosely, horror-based version of Indiana Jones mixed with a slasher, where victims are taken, one-by-one. Instead of a person, we have, you guessed it, a malevolent spirit, or ghost. 

Don't get me wrong. It's not all bad. There are great moments, and I appreciate their attempt to draw from The Shining. Unfortunately, it became bogged down with too many characters with individualized stories. Reducing it to two or three main characters and exploring how this experience affected their relationships would greatly enhance the film. 

If you are in the mood to watch something fun and lighthearted (for a horror film), this is not a terrible pick. But if you're looking for a smart thriller/horror on the seas, go back a day and see Triangle. (You'll appreciate what I did there). ;) 

Kristen, thanks for the recommendation. You and several others have given this high praise. I wish I could say the same. I give it 2 bits out of 8. One bit for the opening scene, and one bit for Julianna.