Day 10 (Alex): Julia X

Boy, oh, boy, am I woefully behind, or what? I've been watching as many films as I can, and have several reviews to throw up here, but life really got in the way. Work, sickness, and filming activities on the weekends have taken up most of my time. 

So, let's catch up, starting with Day 10. Julia X, recommended to me by my good friend, Adam Paul Weber, really surprised me in the fact that Kevin Sorbo plays the lead role of a sadistic romantic, who thrives in finding new dates via the internet chat rooms. Once he finishes a date, he murders and brands them with a letter corresponding the order of his dates. The film opens with finding victim X, after dumping victim W. 

One early twist in this comes when we discover victim X is indeed setting him up, and there begins a cat-and-mouse game where the mouse leads the cat along for a ride into unknown dangers. It's almost as if the writers considered the classic Tom and Jerry cartoon format while creating something children should never watch. 

Did this movie work? I admit, there were moments I just laughed and I did enjoy some of the twists that came about, but personally, this is one weird movie. The director did a great job accomplishing what I believe he set out to do: create a torture porn comedy, with just the right amount of campiness and twists to keep your attention. And how he landed Kevin Sorbo for this is beyond me. Don't get me wrong. Sorbo convincingly played the part well. 

On a side note, I really loved seeing Joel David Moore (from Avatar and the TV show, Chuck). He provided much needed comedic scenes during the peak of the film.

I've come to enjoy seeing more horror comedies, so keeping Julia X in mind as a film in that category, I give this one 4 bits out of 8.  Not nearly as high as my favorite horror comedy to date - Tucker and Dale vs Evil. 

So, Adam, I did enjoy this film, especially since it broke up some of the other, darker and more serious horror films. Thanks for the recommendation!