Day 12 (Alex): Two Thousand Maniacs

For Day 12, we have Two Thousand Maniacs, recommended by Teddy Champion.

Oof! What a film, Teddy! This is like Freaks turned inside out with lots of blood. Just look at the poster's claim: "AN ENTIRE TOWN BATHED IN PULSING HUMAN BLOOD! MADMEN CRAZED FOR CARNAGE!" I get a chuckle out of the line at the bottom: "GRUESOMELY STAINED IN BLOOD COLOR" I imagine some folks have questioned whether the actual film was stained with human blood.  The trailer even highlighted a thirty second warning for adults to remove their children from the theater, using the term "impressionable young people". So just what is the deal with this film?


Two Thousand Maniacs tells a tale of a southern town who was wiped out by Yankee soldiers in 1865. The current year is 1965, and the town of Pleasant Valley hosts a centennial celebration of that very event. Part of this celebration involves luring six, unsuspecting tourists ("Yankees") to stay and be "guests of honor". What ensues is a horrific show of violence on these tourists while the townspeople take it all in like a great carnival show, laughing and playing cruel games. 

I'll be honest and say this is a difficult film to watch. More so than Freaks, in my opinion. To see an entire town wave confederate flags in the faces of "Yankees", and torturing them as payback for what happened to them in the Civil War, just left me in disbelief. There's something disturbing about "real people" committing such grievous acts of violence than contemporary monsters such as vampires, demons, and evil clowns. 

Two Thousand Maniacs didn't scare me so much as left me feeling a little icky. The low quality of the film and its audio at first annoyed me, but in a way, it fits the quirkiness of the townspeople and only added to the overall mood. The bloody scenes definitely worked for its time, and a few of the scenes showing severed limbs were done quite well. Except for the one where a woman's newly severed arm remains firmly bent at the elbow, of course. Anyone could see that was a mannequin's arm, lol. 

Teddy, you picked a good one for me to add. It sticks out as a different film, much like Freaks from yesterday did. I just can't give it a much better rating than Freaks, though, and I'm sorry, man. It's just 2 bits out of 8 for me. Thanks for the recommendation!