Day 5 (Alex): It Came From Beneath the Sea

Elisa Sanford suggested this one to me. Clocking in at only an hour and nineteen minutes, It Came From Beneath the Sea is a very short watch. So, I'll keep this review short and to the point with a few observations.

First, the opening. Why have we gone away from these dramatic openings with strong narratives? Dramatic, orchestral soundtrack leading into large, colorful font, hinting at the MONSTER you'll see, that you just WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!  Haha, I just love imagining kids back in the day being glued to the theater, going to school the next day and talk about it with their friends. 

The monster in the film was part of a stop-motion effect performed by Ray Harryhausen. For the time, I have to say the effects were well done. Of course, it looks so cheesy to us today in comparison to movies like Alien. But where would we be today without these pioneers? 

The movie centered around the love triangle between the lead female scientist, Lesley Joyce (Faith Domergue) and the two men, scientist John Carter (Donald Curtis) and Navy Commander Pete Mathews (Kenneth Tobey), as they struggled to save the world from this sea monster.

A good bit of the time explored this love triangle, which I imagine attracted a lot of young women to the theaters. 

The story was fairly predictable, but was a very interesting study for film history. The three lead actors performed their roles nearly flawlessly, but in the style of the times. 

This one earned, for me, 4 bits out of 8. Just not mesmerizing enough, it is enjoyable to watch.