Day 14 (Alex): Exists

For Day 14, I will review Exists, a found footage film about Sasquatch, recommended to me by Shelby Benson. (And, yes, this made me feel much better after watching The Last House on the Left. Thanks, Shelby!).

Found footage films are hit and miss. More often they miss the mark terribly, but once in a while we find one that hits it, and some hit it very well. Exists hits the mark, but I can't say that it does it that well. 

Exists, brought to us by the father of found-footage films, Eduardo Sanchez (Blair Witch Project), blends together found-footage with Bigfoot and slasher films. Starting out with a group of young adults looking to have a fun getaway weekend at a cabin the woods, Exists does little to stake any claim in originality. BUT, it's a fun, quick movie, that I can see returning for another watch, especially with some friends, just to experience their reactions to its quirkiness and jump scares.

Exists boasts great editing, solid filming, and decent acting. There are some creative moments with the camera work, such as when a camper starts to roll. As always, my one gripe with found footage films is successfully telling a good story without forcing the camera to do something unrealistic. 

If you are a fan of found-footage films, and have not seen Exists, I certainly recommend you add this to your list, pronto. If you abhor found-footage films, just pretend Exists doesn't, well, exist. 

My rating? I rather enjoyed my time, and despite having to suspend disbelief that someone would still roll the camera in near-death experiences, I'd watch it again. I give this one 5 bits out of 8.