Day 16 (Alex): The Descent

For Day 16, we have The Descent, suggested by Josh Parker. This film chronicles the expedition of six friends as they explore an isolated cave in the Appalachian mountains. So, let me stop you here, and say that I, for one, am NOT a fan of tight spaces. Yes, I'm claustrophobic, and I don't believe I'd survive a simple and proper spelunking trip. But throw in a hearty helping of paranoia and dissension with my fellow travelers, AND a group of bloodthirsty creatures, I know I wouldn't survive. So, kudos to these women for being so tough and mean!

The Descent opens up on a whitewater rafting trip with the friends and we see the lead character, Sarah, on a high note. True to the film's title, her life spirals downward from here. She loses her family in an accident, then after fast forwarding a year, they meet up for the spelunking vacation. Her close friend, Juno leads them to an unknown cave system, while making them think they were going to a "lame" cavern. 

With a mix of infighting, accidents, and run-ins with cavernous creatures, The Descent leads us on a journey of Sarah's life. It's interesting to note the parallels of the current events in the cave to that of her life, as she discovers other secrets hidden in the crevices of her past. The better films find a way to weave together complexity into the narrative without patronizing the viewer or dragging the story with so much excess that it leaves its theme in murkiness. I believe The Descent hits the mark just right, and director Neil Marshall (Hellboy) did a fantastic job telling the story. The cinematography was gorgeous, and I loved the practical effects with the creatures, and the blood. Boy, lots of blood, so be prepared if you watch this one. 

Oh, and did I mention this movie has one of the coolest posters ever? Check it out below!

So, what did I think of it? I give it 6 bits out of 8.