Day 17 (Alex): Cube

Day 17 and we have The Cube, suggested to me by Mike Vickers. Heh, I just noticed that my review for The Cube is on Day 17, a prime number. Those of you who've seen The Cube will get that reference. If you've not seen it, then well, you just need to check it out for yourself.

The Cube falls under the category of cult films as well as low-budget sci-fi, where quite honestly, the general audience will likely gloss over this or hate the movie. Directed by Vincenzo Natali as his first feature film, the entire movie was shot with a handheld inside a single 14' x 14' cubical set in just twenty days. 

The premise of the film follows strangers as they wake up in a mysterious cube, unaware of how they got there. They climb through one of six doors, either to find another cube, or a booby-trap that ends their lives. There are no instructions on what to do, but human instinct propels them to find an exit out of this living nightmare. 

I won't say much more as it would ruin the surprise and journey of this film. The set design is very cool and an impressive feat on a low budget. My biggest gripes have to do with the subpar acting and poor dialogue. Also, I feel the story was a bit rushed, and with a bit more thought into the plot, The Cube could have been spectacular. 

Nevertheless, I rather enjoyed the film, and appreciate the filmmaking process behind this. I give it 4 bits out of 8. Thanks for recommending this one, Mike! I may just have to check out all the other remakes, though I imagine they would go downhill from here.