Day 18 (Alex): Army of Darkness

On Day 18, I get to review a movie I've had on my personal list for quite some time now. Thanks, to a push from DJ (David Jones), I finally watched Army of Darkness, the third act of the Evil Dead trilogy. I got around to watching the first two Evil Dead movies during last year's marathon, so needless to say I was looking forward to this one.

Army of Darkness (AoD) picks up where Evil Dead 2 left off, with Ash thrust back in time to the Middle Ages during King Arthur's time. This movie does not disappoint. Once Sam Raimi accepted the popularity of the comedic side of his first two Evil Dead films, he and Bruce Campbell took that to an entirely different level in AoD. Filled with slapstick humor, Campbell's physical comedy, comedic dialogue, and continuity issues galore, AoD is a fun ride. 

Heralded by a wise man as "the chosen one", Ash leads the way in defeating the Deadites, who have come to menace the populace. Ash truly doesn't care whether he saves them or not, but just wants to get back home. The wise man informs Ash he will find that way back home within the words of the Necronomicon, so thus begins his journey.

I cannot properly judge how well this stacks up to Evil Dead 2 without watching these again, and closer together. However, I really enjoyed this one, and give it a whopping 7 bits out of 8. Thanks, DJ! I look forward to watching this again soon.