Groundhog Day - What it means to me

Groundhog Day is upon us once again. For years this day pushed it way past me like the fabled Tortoise, while I, sitting on the side of the track, ignored it completely. Nothing to see here. Move on. Just another day that means nothing.

When RJ and I started iByte Films, we challenged ourselves to be more like the Tortoise, and less like the Hare. Slowly, but surely, we pushed forward with our goals to produce short films. To hone our skills. To meet new people in the filmmaking community and build friendships within that community.

To me, Groundhog Day (the movie), touches upon the same thematic elements as Aesop's fable. In the movie, Phil Connors despises having to cover such a slow, mundane news story and would rather be anywhere else. However, stuck in a time loop, Phil has no choice but to deal with it head on, by learning to embrace the beauty and importance of the most mundane moments of life, and to do it cheerfully.  

So, this year and the years ahead, I want to embrace Groundhog Day with a new meaning. To me, it is a beautiful reminder that our goals and dreams can be reached, by pushing forward. Little by little. By not being distracted with needless drama. By choosing to ignore those who want to pull you down, call you names, and tell you that you are wasting your time. And to do it cheerfully. Looking back at what we accomplished this past year proved that to me. So I smile, turn back onto my path, and move a little more. 

What about you? Are you reaching for your goals and dreams? Or are you sitting on the sidelines, listening to doubters telling you to forget about it? I didn't say it was easy, but I will stand by my belief that it is possible. 

I'll leave you with our 48-hour film from last year, "Holidaze". If you've not seen it, start the rest of the year off by taking 7 minutes now and see the message behind it. I promise you, it will make you think. Josh, like Phil Connors, is stuck in his own holiday "loop". Are you?