A Cure For Wellness - a movie review

"Do you know what the cure for the human condition is? Disease. Because that's the only way one could hope for a cure.

A few weeks ago, I posted on Facebook, asking for suggestions for movies to watch. I received a flood of responses from a lot of you, ending up with over 170+ comments, and nearly a 100 films. I'm going to be busy for a long, long time. Thanks for sending them, and please don't stop. I love hearing what you are watching. 

Okay, so on to the review. First off, be sure to check the trailer above. 

When I first heard of Gore Verbinski's latest endeavor, I could hardly contain my excitement. The movie promised everything I'd like to see in a good film: great visuals, a gripping story, and top-notch acting.

I wasn't disappointed. Every single frame is absolutely gorgeous, a work of art. If there is any movie worth buying in Ultra 4K, this is it. The Alexa cameras never cease to amaze, and Director of Photography, Bojan Bazelli, wielded this camera with great skill. 

I enjoyed seeing Dane Dehaan's (Chronicle, Kill Your Darlings) performance opposite Jason Issacs (Harry Potter series). Dehaan plays Lockhart, a young Wall Street executive sent to find an older associate at a Swiss wellness clinic, and bring him back home. Not prepared for what he's about to face, Lockhart's life is about to be submerged, literally, in a different world. 

I'm not going to spoil the story, but I will say this. A Cure For Wellness is a psychological thriller, with some very gruesomely disturbing scenes (which I enjoyed very much!). There is one major gripe I have with the film, and that it was a bit long and predictable. There is a mantra spoken in the editing room - cut, cut, cut, and great artists know how to expertly whittle a story down to a point where it really shines. A Cure For Wellness would easily be one of the greatest films of this century had the director and editors attempted to pare it down. What happened as a result is the story dragged and portions of it gave away a few too many clues of what to expect.

Nevertheless, I give A Cure For Wellness 8 Bytes out of 10. This is a testament to how powerful the visual storytelling had for me. 

So, if you find yourself looking for an entrancing movie with a gripping tale of caution, seriously consider watching this one. And if you would like to engage in some spoiler-heavy conversations with me about the film's meanings and its ending, send us an email to iByteFilms@gmail.com, or just send me a private message on Facebook.

If you've seen it, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Alex Gibson