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iByte Films is a motley crew of creative individuals banded together to make films


alex m gibson


Alex is a co-founder of iByte Films. Inspired by his childhood heroes, Ray Bradbury and Stephen King, he enjoys writing new tales and directing films for today's generation.   


rj ortiz


RJ is the other co-founder of iByte Films. He is a lifelong fan of horror film, and all things 80s. As a cinematographer, he has a sharp eye for visuals behind the lens, and editing. 


josh parker


Josh is the ears of iByte Films.  He captures all the sounds on set. When not doing that, he can be seen playing his piano, or doing some extreme biking. We are working hard to convince Josh to score our films, and to be our stunt guy.  


jennifer r Gibson


Jennifer is the Art Department lead of iByte Films. She primarily spends her time on set prepping the actors with their hair, makeup, and wardrobe.  And with a keen eye for design, she will often decorate our sets to match our vision. 




Mike is a crucial member of the iByte Films team, stepping in as a Gaffer, and as a 1st Assistant Camera. With a creative eye for lighting, he never backs down from a challenge ("Hey Mike, can you figure out how to get moonlight coming in on the second floor, like now?").



Looking forward


Deimosimine - Horror film with LC Films. We are currently in production, expecting to wrap soon.

Match - short film is nearly finished in post-production. Submissions to film festivals will begin soon. Check back for updates and announcements.

We will be casting for new films, both short and feature length, in the next few months. If interested, please go to the CONTACT page and email us. 


August 25-27, 2017            Sidewalk Film Festival              Downtown Birmingham, AL          



Movies that inspire

Want to know what inspire us here at iByte Films?  You've come to the right page.  Here you will see an eclectic mix of popular and indie films, and the stories behind them that sparks our creativity.  Let us know what inspires you.  You just may recommend a film that we will want to share right here.

A cult classic that brought us Angus Scrimm

A cult classic that brought us Angus Scrimm


This cult film introduces the Tall Man (Angus Scrimm), and spawns a long set of sequels. Fun trivia: Star Wars' Captain Phasma was named after this film, and the popular TV show, Supernatural, is heavily influenced by Phantasm. 

A must-see psychological thriller

A must-see psychological thriller


What's worse than being trapped in your home by a murderer who stalks the perimeter?  Try being a deaf-mute. Looking for a film to raise your blood pressure? Look no more. Watch Hush tonight and find yourself rooting for the strong female lead every minute.

John Goodman delivers a terrifying performance

John Goodman delivers a terrifying performance

10 Cloverfield lane

This sequel to the found footage film, Cloverfield, is simply perfect. See Goodman like you've never seen him before, delivering a terrifying and powerful performance as he cares for a woman injured from an accident.


Holidaze (a 48-hr film)

4.13.2016 / Winner of Audience Choice Award for Huntsville, Alabama


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A short film about survival

We are SO excited to have "Match" completed! RJ Ortiz and I (Alex M Gibson) cannot thank our cast, crew, and families enough for allowing us to pursue this endeavor. We look forward to showing the film in the months to come. 

With many thanks to Michael Williams, director of The Atoning, and to Don Tingle of the Alabama Film Co-op, we were able to premiere the film on April 14, 2017. We are in the process of submitting "Match" to several film festivals. We'll update you with announcements for any acceptances. In the meantime, we hope to provide a few screenings in the local North Alabama region over the next few months, so stay tuned! 

warming up

Here Alex Zuko and Virginia Newcomb warm up a bit before we start rolling the cameras, in some ways literally considering the chilly weather. This particular February day was met with a freak snowstorm from the night before, leaving the roads iced. We delayed production for a few hours, hoping the roads would thaw out in time, and they did. Our production designer, Jennifer Gibson, really set the tone for this scene, adding pops of red and orange, with wooden and metal textures. Note the "love" sign in the background? When you see the film, you may want to look for this in the opening scene as well as the closing scene. 

match "book"

There are several details to be found within this short film, including this book laying, open-faced, on the coffee table. This BTS still image was creatively set up by our set photographer, Amy McMullen. 

Straight to ale


We found a wonderful location in Huntsville for the bar scene at Straight to Ale, with special thanks to Addie Gile (pictured behind the bar) for allowing us to film there. We loved this bar for its aesthetics for film. As a bonus, its name and symbol (which can be seen on the wall above Addie), provides more interesting themes to consider.